quartz conversion kit car clock repair kit

quartz conversion kit  

R-3035 Quartz Conversion Kit with DVD


N-3085 Quartz Conversion Kit with DVD

B-3115 Quartz Conversion Kit with DVD

Automotive Clocks
T-3025, Quartz Conversion Kit
M-3015, Quartz Clock Kit

1966 Cadillac Deville Clock Converted to Quartz By Instrument Services, Inc.

S-3015 Kit with DVD

I-3035, Automotive Clock Kit

Instrument Services, Inc.

Quartz Conversion Kits , Do-It Yourself Clock Quartz Repair Kits  (MANUFACTURED BY INSTRUMENT SERVICES, INC.)

Instrument Services, Inc. manufacturer's the Quartz Conversion Kit for Automotive Clock Repair.

The Quartz Conversion Kits may be ordered from our ebay store, our webstore, or by calling us direct at 800-558-2674 or 815-316-2921.

Our Kit Part Numbers: S-3015 , T-3025 , B-3115 , R-3035, R-3015 , I-3035 , M-3015 , N-3085

Vehicles Covered: Most Borg made clocks from early 1960's to 1980's.

   Quartz  Conversion Kits...Call for pricing
   Optional DVD...Call for pricing

Instrument Services, Inc. manufactures this Do-It-Yourself Quartz Conversion Kit. 

Kit Contents:Quartz movement, mounting hardware, detailed printed instructions, Optional 20 minute dvd available showing step-by-step how to use the kit to restore your clock.

Tools Required: Pliers, screw drivers, wire cutter, and nut driver or socket


Quartz - One Year

Quartz Conversion Kit for Car Clocks

1966 Cadillac Deville
N-3085, Car Clock Parts

T-3025 Quartz Conversion Kit with DVD

I-3035 Quartz Conversion Kit with DVD

B-3115, Car Clock Repair Kit

M-3015 Quartz Conversion Kit with DVD

Clocks Restored with Our Quartz Kit.