​1972 Oldsmobile Regency 88 Clock with Quartz Conversion

1947 Chevy Clock Repair

Instrument Services, Inc.

1972 Dodge Challenger clock repair
1940 Cadillac Lasalle Clock

​1967 Chevy Chevelle Clock

57 Buick Clock Before And After Restoration.

Quartz Conversion And Car Clock Repair

65 Ford Thunderbird Clock
58 Ford Clock

1972 Dodge Challenger Clock

1971 Dodge Rally Clock with Quartz Conversion

1964 Chevy Corvette Clock

1955 Ford Thunderbird Clock

40 Cadillac Lasalle Clock Before and After Restoration.

63 Lincoln Continental
1969 Ford Mustang Clock
1956 Ford Clocks
70 Cadillac Deville Clock
55 Hudson Clock
40 Cadillac Lasalle Clock Quartz

​​1956 Ford Clocks.

1970 Cadillac Deville Clock from Hurricane Sandy Before and After Restoration

1950 Chevy

​1957 Ford Clock Quartz

​1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Clock Converted to Quartz

1947 Chevy Clock

71 Dodge Rally Clock

​1974 Cadillac Clock Repaired

Quartz Car Clock Movement  Or Original Electric Car Clock Movement, Which One?

Quartz: Quartz movements are more accurate (+/- 2 seconds per day) and more reliable than original electro-mechanical car clock movements.  No periodic cleaning and oiling is necessary.  Maintenance Free!  Draws about 1/300th of the power of original electric.  Works on your vehicles regular electric system.

Original Electric: When you want to stay authentic original, we have NOS never used original electric car clock movements that fit some of Borg manufactured clocks from 1970 and up. There is a 70% probability that your car clock is Borg made. Some original car clock movements can be repaired.  Our technician will look at the existing car clock movement if you prefer to have it repaired. 

1957 Buick Clock
41 Buick Clock repair

1935 Buick Clock with Quartz Converison

1941 Buick Clock Quartz

Car Clock Quartz Conversion, Car Clock Repair, Car Clock Parts, In-Shop Service

Vehicles Covered: We quartz convert most automobile, car, truck, and boat clocks from when first installed in vehicles in the 1930s to the 1980s. (6 and 12 volt, Analog (hands)

Basic Service: Replace the movement (works); clean and calibrate the clock internals; clean the clock face and buff the clock lens; strip and repaint the clock hands to the original color; polish chrome bezel or strip and repaint painted bezel.

Price: As little as $130.00  for the basic service. (Call or e-mail for a specific quote on your clock.)

Additional Services: (Priced Separately)  Car Clock Parts

Car Clock Parts - Replace  clock set stems,  clock set stem knobs, clock hands, and clock lenses .

  • Reface badly damaged or faded clock faces
  • Rechrome

Convert early model wind-ups to quartz
Warranty: Quartz  Conversion - One Year,   Original Electric - 90 Days

35 Buick Clock with Quartz Conversion

1955 Hudson Clock Before and After Restoration

67 Oldsmobile Tach Clock
70 Cadillac Clock

1950 Chevy Clock Quartz Converted

55 Ford Thunderbird repair
72 Chevy Chevelle Clock Repair

​1967 Oldsmobile Tach Clock converted to Quartz

1957 Ford Clock

1972 Chevy Chevelle Clock Quartzed

​1965 Ford Thunderbird Clock with Quartz Conversion

1967 Chevy Chevelle Clock

1978 Ford Thunderbird Clock

1958 Ford Clock

1957 Buick Clock Quartz Conversion

1963 Lincoln Continental Clock Quartz.

1955 Hudson Clock